After COVID-19 breakout, the corporate ecosystem has shifted, one of the most thriving industries are Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Tours and Virtual Exhibitions (expos). The possibilities of VR are unlimited and are hitting the market constantly. Few of those possibilities are virtual showrooms, virtual exhibitions and virtual walkthroughs.

Now, the real question is how to incorporate virtual reality solutions in your price list and how to start selling them.

  1. Do Market Research (2-4 days)

    Research what’re the trends in your market, competition, how local and international companies have implemented during the pandemic and who are the main providers. This type of information flows freely on social media of companies, news websites, YouTube etc.

  2. Identify Interest (3 days)

    After checking what’s doable, identify if any of your clients are interested in adopting such technologies (virtual tours, exhibitions, showrooms, eCommerce). Tip: Focus on your existing customers before you start reaching out to new ones. Loyal clients will be always open to hear about new solutions.

  3. Choose a software provider (5-7 days)

    You did your research, you identified your clients’ needs, now it’s time to do more in depth research about the provider. Choose a company that will support you in transforming your clients’ vision into a reality. Make sure the software provider meets the requirements of clients’ budget, offering quality and support.

  4. Test before you buy (5-7 days)

    Try it yourself first. Before providing the solution to your clients, test it and make sure that’s something your client will be happy to implement and use.

  5. Ready to go!

    After you have tried out the solutions and you have chosen your preferred supplier, you need to start attracting “real” interest from your clients.
    Prepare a demo/video to showcase the possibilities. Visualization is the key!
    Next, make sure you’re aligned with the provider in terms of customers’ requirements and new developments.

During a pandemic and difficult economic times, only the most versatile and market responsive companies are flourishing. Take the steps and provide a safer environment to your company to thrive.

iStaging is an advanced VR company, which offers a variety of solutions such as virtual tours ($5/month), rendered virtual exhibitions, virtual showrooms, virtual galleries and museums.
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