Revolutionizing Exhibitions
Taipei, Taiwan — iStaging, a leading global visualization company, today announced the launch of Virtual Expo, its cloud-based solution to enable exhibition participants to transcend space and time zone restraints.

Travel bans and safety concerns due to the global COVID-19 pandemic have significantly impacted the exhibitions industry, leading to cancellations and postponements. Exhibition participants have turned to digital expos to overcome physical distances, with the adoption of virtual reality a step beyond routine emails and video conferencing in this era of work from home. Virtual showrooms and exhibitions offer an immersive experience for visitors and enhance their engagement with exhibitors, who benefit from savings on rental, booth design, and travel costs.

“We’re leveraging our established virtual reality LiveTour format, to help organizers and exhibitors digitalize and adapt their existing resources for an audience online,” said Rene Fang, iStaging CEO. “We have extensive experience working with businesses to visualize their products and services in VR. What we’ve done for the real estate sector, retailers, and furniture designers, for example, we can do for the exhibition industry, and help them achieve significant cost savings with minimal effort while maximizing convenience.”

Without Limits, 24/7
For exhibitors and visitors alike, attending an exhibition is now just a click away without having to worry about health and safety. Creating a booth is as simple as selecting a design from iStaging’s wide variety of templates, allowing exhibitors to ‘go live’ quickly with relatively low effort. What would typically go into a traditional booth is now transformed into an Exhibition LiveTour, which is a dynamic, living exhibition with a user experience closer to an in-person walk-through.

Concall Like No Other
iStaging’s Exhibition LiveTours offer participants the opportunity for immediate engagement. By syncing their screens, the exhibitor can lead visitors on a real-time guided tour. This offers the exhibitor an opportunity to respond to questions, demonstrate and highlight product details, and attend to specific inquiries. No other communication channel offers such seamless and in-depth interaction to boost the chances of closing a deal. Whereas previously exhibitors would follow up with leads via email a few days after a tradeshow, virtual exhibitions now enable on-going engagement without travel interruptions.

Centralized Data Management
A cloud-based platform provides organizers with an overview of the entire event and management of the ticketing system. Similarly, exhibitors can access a centralized point of control to update their Exhibition LiveTours anytime. Digitalizing physical exhibitions also has the advantage of generating analytics that offers organizers and exhibitors measurable performance results as well as a trove of data for follow-ups and CRM development.

Post-Show Marketing
When the exhibition ends, the show keeps going. The contents used for an exhibit can be packaged for further marketing. Each Exhibition LiveTour has a unique URL that can be shared via social media, promotional emails and presentations, or embedded in the company’s website. This is great for communicating updates of products first showcased at the exhibition.

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