Yes, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are equipped with LiDAR Sensor but what’s the value and why is it important?

#3D Viewer Series #Ep.1
The newly launched iPhone 12 pro and pro max are both equipped with LiDAR Sensor, but what’s the value and why is it important?

Let’s start with the basics, what is LiDAR?

LiDAR is short for Light Detection and Ranging, with that, the phone is able to scan the surroundings, the shape and depth up to 5 meters away. It sends out a wave of light pulses (can’t be seen with the naked eye), and by determining the difference in reflected speed and wavelength, it is able to measure the distance and do 3D modeling.

Height Measurement:
A cool feature of the new iPhone that is using the LiDAR sensor is the height measurement. We actually tried using it and it’s pretty accurate:

with iPhone LiDAR height, measurement is pretty accurate! We tried height measurement feature on our colleagues, pretty accurate!

3D Scanning:
The LiDAR sensor scans the whole space and comes up with a 3D model. In this case, we want only the chair, so we edit out the other areas leaving only the chair. With that final result, we are able to use AR and place the chair anywhere of our choice-- this is pretty cool!

Step 1: Scan the space
Step 2: Edit and adjust the captured content
Step 3: Start staging!

Pretty surprised that simply with a phone, we can reach this result.