People that buy and sell real estate think and act completely differently from many years ago and it requires you to adapt. So that leads to the question: What are you doing to keep up?

How to win a listing presentation?

Before you actually get to sell a listing, you first have to convince a potential client to hear you. So listing presentations are absolutely crucial for every single real estate agent. It’s what makes you real money.

At the listing presentation, it’s the time you need to shine. It’s the time to convince your clients to trust you with selling their homes.

As cliche as it sounds, but you have to stand out in all aspects, including the ‘how’. No matter how old your vendor is, the majority wants to hear how you will sell their houses. Naturally, you want to make this process as smooth as possible and they need to know that you are on top of your game and are aware of the market trends and the newest marketing tools.

A lot of your marketing tools are heavily relied on visual aids. An example of that are virtual tours. They are the new standard. 2D photos are still useful, but it’s not impressive anymore. Upgrading your content and virtual tours are one way of doing that. Showcasing a virtual tour of a previous listing and explaining how it influenced that seller’s process will instantly enhance your level of trust. It shows that there is a strategy behind your marketing and that you understand how this helps the vendor.

Focus why these marketing visuals are important for selling their houses. It’s about saving them time, when buyers can virtually visit the houses, it instantly increases the times the property gets viewed. Enlarging the pool and with immersive experiences and clear guides, it’s more likely to narrow down to the buyers that are genuinely interested to bring them to the property. Incorporating virtual tours makes the whole process smoother and saves time for both buyers and sellers. Let’s take it a step further and bring VR glasses to your listing presentation. Let them experience a property in virtual reality and say that this is how I’m going to sell your property. It’s a virtual open home! That’s how you impress a seller and turn them into a client.

For many of you, your smartphone is the single most powerful piece of technology in your business. Why don’t you use that device to tackle your listing presentation and make your life easier?:

  1. Provide examples of high quality branded virtual tours

  2. Keep up with the market trends.

  3. Bring your VR Glasses to the presentation.

Following the above, it shows you understand a changing market. And they can become one of the key factors in your marketing kit to win listings.

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