Everything you need to know about virtual trade show participation, virtual exhibitions and virtual showrooms.

MWC Barcelona and MWC Los Angeles are two of the many exhibitions that just announced virtual and digital elements to increase worldwide participation.

Why should a company attend virtual trade shows or online exhibitions in the first place?

Let’s go through some key reasons:

  • Increase your lead generation channels
  • Attract and expand your reach to international clients
  • Increase the visibility of your product or service
  • Receive more insights on visitor behavior and product interaction
  • Get prospects

But, how can you get the most out of your participation in a virtual exhibition?

  1. Well-present your products and provide catchy, localized descriptions
  2. Setup online communication tools (online chat, calendar booking etc)
  3. Add the human interaction in your booth by using a short video
  4. Strong and clear Call-to-Action
  5. Track insightful data such as views, durations, clicks etc.

(Laybrook Care exhibited at the virtual exhibition of Rise Virtual -
			Handling & Mobility in April 2021) (Laybrook Care exhibited at the virtual exhibition of Rise Virtual - Handling & Mobility in April 2021)

Now you might think, how do you set up all of the above before attending the virtual trade show?

iStaging lirovides one-stop, easy and intuitive solutions for online events and virtual showrooms. Save time by trying out our digital showroom builder and create a virtual showroom in a few minutes. Easy, fast and intuitive!

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