How to build a mind-blowing virtual showroom in 7 steps

Virtual Showroom Guide: Tips and Tricks on how to build the most astonishing virtual showroom in simple steps

Want to achieve a breakthrough, but don’t know how? Interested in turning your physical catalogs and products into an attractive online experience? The answer is a fully accessible and mind-blowing virtual showroom. Read here why you need one.

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Step 1: Get your canvas!

In order to build a showroom, either hybrid or virtual, you need to have a 360° canvas to work with. You can either capture a 360° image by using the iStaging kit or a template from our library (50+ designs). Customization is also available. Choose a template that fits your company’s branding, corporate identity and products.

Step 2: Gather all the materials needed

Before starting building your actual virtual showroom, it’s important to collect all the materials needed — saves you a considerable amount of time. Firstly, decide which products you will like to have presented in your virtual showroom and gather the respective information. From transparent pictures to website links and descriptions. You can always go back, edit or add new products anytime!

Step 3: Login, Create LiveTour and Add Showroom’s Basic Information

Fill in the general information first such as the name of your showroom, the description, the location, choose the colors, thumbnail etc.

Step 4: Time for product information!

Prep is already done in Step 2, so you just need to start adding your products. This is the most crucial part, as you will start creating the showroom. You will need to choose between the different tag options: sticker tag, multi-tag, simple tag or video tag etc. As you explore, you will see many different tag options to help your products stand out. We advise using a combination of different tags in order to create an engaging and playful experience for your visitors.

Now that you became pro on the standard tags, visit our tutorial playlist for a step-by-step guide on how to add a sticker tag and a multi-tag. Remember to save your progress as you go.

Step 5: Make sure your products look on point!

If your products are not well placed in the space, the showroom won’t be as engaging and cohesive. Make sure you use the Tag Fitting feature to adjust the angle of the products.

Step 6: Get that interaction going!

Interaction should be an integral part of your virtual showroom as it will create a channel of communication between you and your showroom visitors. By using the webtag, you can embed a chat function, checkout links, or even host a YouTube live stream. You can also create a VIP video room, host a webinar or either pre-record a guide by using TourRing, the Conference tool and Influencer Pilot respectively.

Step 7: Showroom Ready! Share it with the world!

Congrats, you reached the final step of the process, Sharing! After you click on the share icon, you will get a URL that you can share on social media, embed on your website, send to your leads, or even add it to your business card. Your complete, easy-to-share, mind-blowing digital showroom is ready! Awesome!

Sometimes, the idea of digital transformation can be terrifying and this idea keeps you away from catching up with competitors and the market trends. No worries. We will walk you through the whole process during our 1-on-1 onboarding session or even we can build the showroom for you! Nothing should stop you from elevating your company and making a breakthrough.

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