Seoul, September 21st - iStaging, a leading player in the global Metaverse market, has announced its official expansion into the Asian market with the launch of its Asian subsidiary in Seoul, Korea. The company celebrated this momentous occasion with a launch event held at Daewoo Summit Gallery on September 21st, attended by key industry figures, partners, and executives.

The event witnessed the presence of notable dignitaries, including Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging; Fabien Bernard, EMEA Market Director & Head of French Office; Sunwoo Choo, President of Asia; and Minjae Song, CEO of INOK.

iStaging Office, Seoul, Official Opening, Launch Event, Louis Vuitton, BNP Paribas From left to right: Johnny LEE, CEO of iStaging; Sunwoo Choo, CEO of iStaging Asia; Fabien Bernard, EMEA Market Director;
Joe, Advisor to iStaging Asia; and Sophia Wong, Co-Founder of iStaging.

Johnny Lee, iStaging’s CEO, said: "The launch of our new office in Korea is a testament to iStaging's dedication to global innovation. Our team is eager to collaborate with local talents and businesses, bringing the future of immersive technology to life."

Choi Jin-young, CEO of The Korea Herald, expressed his enthusiasm for iStaging's innovative approach, stating, "I am looking to create new media that goes beyond text, paper, pictures and videos and deliver them in 3D, AR, and VR." Ryu Sung-taek, CEO of Hyundai FutureNet, said, "We have been actively exploring collaboration opportunities with iStaging across multiple facets of our business, including immersive exhibitions, digital education, innovative commerce solutions, and the development of spatial websites."

iStaging Office, Seoul, Official Opening, Launch Event, Louis Vuitton, BNP Paribas Choi Jin-young, CEO of The Korea Herald, speaks at the iStaging Asia launch event.

Stephan Emanuely, Demand & Program Director at Louis Vuitton, praised the successful partnership, saying, "Post-COVID-19, Louis Vuitton had an important need for a digital transformation and our collaboration with iStaging has been a success. iStaging’s simplicity and efficiency of implementation, the autonomy to edit by Louis Vuitton’s teams in the field and all within a reasonable budget have been key to our continued success. iStaging has met our quality requirements and we've worked on more than 50 projects together."

iStaging Office, Seoul, Official Opening, Launch Event, Louis Vuitton, BNP Paribas Stephan Emanuely, Louis Vuitton's Demand & Program Director, explains the details of the collaboration with iStaging.

BNP Paribas Real Estate Governance commented, "It's a great opportunity to make your service stand out”. The iStaging solution has been implemented within their real estate agent network for three consecutive years.

Elisabeth Menant, Innovation Trends Manager at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, talked about their shared vision with iStaging since 2018 to create deep immersive experiences for customers. "iStaging works with BNP Paribas not only in retail, but also with our digital bank Hello Bank, our Digital Lab and the BNP Paribas Real Estate. The solutions are not only applicable to our Real Estate sector but also demonstrate significant relevance within our Mobility and Banking financial services."

Since 2018, iStaging has had a permanent showroom at Echangeur. Echangeur is BNP Paribas PF's prospective entity dedicated to the themes of marketing, customer relations, and innovation for retail. Echangeur helps B2B clients to adapt to consumer and consumption changes. iStaging also participates in various events such as BNP Paribas PF learning expeditions, CES, Innovate Centric, Commerce Reloaded, and Vivatech, Europe's largest IT exhibition.

iStaging Office, Seoul, Official Opening, Launch Event, Louis Vuitton, BNP Paribas Elisabeth Menant, Innovation Trends Manager at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, celebrates the launch of iStaging Asia.

The launch event witnessed a gathering of over 150 representatives and executives from esteemed organizations such as Korea Development Bank, Shinhan Bank, Daewoo Construction, LG Electronics, and many others.

"In the Korean market, which is leading the demand for fashion and luxury goods in Asia, we are looking to expand based on our European achievements," said Sunwoo Choo, CEO of iStaging Asia. "In addition to expanding the existing luxury goods market, we are also considering technological expansion into the open commerce market."

With its successful expansion into the Asian market and a track record of collaboration with renowned global brands, iStaging is set to continue revolutionizing the Metaverse landscape, offering cutting-edge AR, VR & Mixed Reality solutions.

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iStaging is a leading provider of augmented and virtual reality solutions for businesses of all sizes, specializing in spatial computing and Web 3 technologies. We aim to help companies and brands transcend physical boundaries by creating immersive solutions that enhance visualization and interaction.

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