We believe in the power of visualization

At iStaging, we craft immersive visualization products that help people transcend time and space. By enabling them to interact with distant places or objects as if they were there in person, we facilitate new ideas and experiential journeys that lend themselves to delightful discoveries.

To us, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are not gimmicks — they're a new way of life. They're not just technologies, but bridges between people, objects, and spaces. By connecting the world through enhanced visualization, we help people see and feel better about what matters to them.

We're a hardcore technology company at heart

Technology should serve people’s daily lives. We make it our raison d'être to leverage technology so that professionals can access a wider target audience while enhancing the efficiency and value of their work; equally, consumers can visualize products and services better, leading to a superior purchasing experience.

However, technology should neither be intrusive nor obtrusive. By means of technology so simple that it is almost invisible, we create products that have the best user experience and can be enjoyed with minimal learning effort.

At iStaging, we come together as marketers, designers, salespeople, computer visionaries, data scientists, 3D artists, and business managers — all bonded by our love for engineering and a passion for creating the future through technology. Like a puzzle, we know that each piece we complete represents an important step into the future.

We don't believe in pyramids

But we do believe in matrices. We don’t publicly highlight our leadership team, because at each and every level of our organizational matrix, it’s not individual faces that matter but the connections between team members. Everyone, from interns to the top executives, share the same mission to improve the way people interact with spaces. Given our flat matrix, opinions alone cannot hold sway, so we rely on data and reasoning.

We place customers first

Our business thrives when there are happy customers, and we do our best to match their expectations to the fullest extent. We institute customer feedback as a fundamental part of our business. From top to bottom, everyone at iStaging is driven to deliver exceptional customer service at all times, because loyal customers are the foundation of our matrix. And we do so with integrity — what we do at work and outside of work reflect on our collective reputation and well-being, so all iStagers are held to the same high ethical standards as the company.

We cherish data

There’s a bit of data scientist in each of us. We collect data of our users’ behavior, and we do so only for the purpose of providing our customers with improved services. Every iStager is responsible for collecting their own data sets in support of solving our group’s problems. We collect, disseminate, and analyze data to shape our corporate, product, and marketing strategies.

We're down-to-earth dreamers with our heads in the clouds

With roots in Asia, America and Europe, what matters to us is improving the lives of the greatest number of customers on a global scale. Our heads are in the clouds and our business is on the cloud, but our actions are real and tangible. We think global — only then can one truly say that “the sky's the limit.”