Real estate-focused AR/VR company iStaging has released a comprehensive mobile-first solution for real estate agents to showcase properties in virtual reality. The product suite features a user-friendly 360-degree VR camera app as well as a cloud platform to upload and edit VR tours at an affordable price point.

A free version of the service is available to all users; and for any subscription to the paid plans, iStaging gives away a fisheye lens for free so that real estate agents can capture their listings in full 720° right from their own smartphones.

“Home buyers and real estate agents are demanding a better, more efficient way of discovering and showing properties,” says Kevin Basset, iStaging’s Head of Marketing. “Virtual tours help real estate agents and their clients make visiting and purchasing decisions much faster. Creating these tours usually requires expensive equipment and the help of a specialist. iStaging has worked hard to deliver a comprehensive mobile solution that costs only $29/month, hardware included.”

iStaging’s VR Cam is an app that makes shooting virtual tours of properties as easy as taking photos using a smartphone camera. Leveraging advanced image-processing technologies, the app enables the user to stand in the middle of a room, open the app, and capture high fidelity virtual tours in minutes.

Moreover, VR Cam is deeply integrated into iStaging’s online VR Editor for seamless editing and managing of the captured spaces. Immediately after uploading raw captures, agents can create comprehensive floorplan-driven virtual tours – LiveTours – and share them seamlessly via an instantly generated weblink or embed code for sharing via listing or homepage. Capturing and sharing immersive property tours has never been easier.

About iStaging
iStaging is a leading provider of out-of-the-box augmented and virtual reality solutions for the real estate and furniture industries. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company also has satellite offices in San Francisco, Shanghai and Paris. iStaging aims to help people transcend space by crafting immersive visualization products that empower the world interact with distant places or objects.