AR Maker is available with special pricing starting today, March 28, 2022.

Taipei, Taiwan – iStaging, a leading VR solutions provider driving digital transformation of business of all sizes, today announced AR Maker, a new easy-to-use platform for 3D model hosting aiming to deliver a seamless 3D shopping experience and integrated OMO (Online merge Offline) possibility. The short learning curve and the cost-effective plans of the new platform make the AR Maker a powerful tool in the hands of existing and new clients as a practical addition to the overall 3D experience that iStaging offers. iStaging highlights that “AR Maker completes the 3D experience and aims to double the engagement of visitors, resulting in instant sales conversions”.


The last few years, iStaging has collaborated with world-class retail brands to deliver 3D solutions and create a seamless shopping experience for customers in the retail industry. iStaging's CEO, Rene Fang, said “Our mission is to create versatile, innovative and easy-to-use 3D solutions for businesses of any size, any time, anywhere. With the new addition of AR Maker, we are establishing our company as a one-stop solution for all businesses who aim for digital transformation and seamless shopping experience through omni-channel approach to sales”.

With AR Maker, the company aims to accelerate the digital transformation of retail businesses by making it effortless for anyone to showcase various kinds of products with different colours, styles and annotations in a space without worrying about coding or a long learning curve.

Starting on 28th March 2022, AR Maker is available with special launch pricing of just US$12 for publishing 5 models and storing another 45. Free trial is also available to navigate and experience the magic of the platform. AR Maker enables lightning effect, branding, live annotations and more. Try it out now!


Customers across a variety of industries use iStaging to virtually attract, engage and convert visitors to sales. Now, with AR Maker, organisations across the globe can scale up their efforts to affordably create a 3D shopping experience from anywhere at any time. AR Maker simplifies the 3D experience across all industries including: consumer electronics, deco and furnishing, manufacturing, automotive and more.

With the new addition of AR Maker, iStaging establishes as a one-stop solution for all businesses who aim for digital transformation and envision a seamless shopping experience. iStaging also provides 3D model creation services on a case-by-case basis. Get in touch for more information.

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