AI-Revamp is available with special pricing starting today, September 1st, 2022.

Taipei, Taiwan - iStaging, a leading virtual solutions provider driving digital transformation of business of all sizes, introduces AI-Revamp, an exciting upgrade to real estate virtual tours. AI-Revamp takes a virtual tour to a whole new level with a dollhouse, 3D virtual staging, a 2D floor plan, a birds-eye view, measurements and a side-by-side 3D staged comparison in an all-in-one shareable URL link. iStaging highlights that AI-Revamp completes the virtual real estate experience for potential renters or buyers and brings significant cost-savings for real estate professionals.

Since iStaging’s inception, the company has been at the forefront of virtual solutions in the industry and collaborated with world-renowned real estate brands to deliver a seamless experience in the first stages of the home buying process. iStaging’s CEO, Rene Fang, said “With AI-Revamp, we aim to accelerate the visualization of real estate properties for buyers and improve lead generation for real estate professionals globally. We have already made the creation of virtual tours as easy as taking pictures and we now take it a step further to truly turn imagination into reality.”

An exquisite combination of virtual tours and 3D staging

The side-by-side view of a 3D virtually staged property with the actual virtual tour brings a new dimension to online property viewing. Additionally, the structural white view, dollhouse, floor plan and measurements allow viewers to understand the technical aspects of the property.

Key features include:

  • 3D Staging:A 3D staged version of your virtual tour that can be visualized side-by-side with the actual property.
  • White View:A white version of the property to see the architectural structure and visualize how rooms can be designed.
  • Dollhouse View:A complete overview of the property and a clear sense of the size and structure of the space.
  • Birds-eye View:A top-view to provide a comprehensive perspective of how rooms are connected and allows for better visualization.
  • Floor plan:A fully interactive floor plan to easily see where you are within the property at any time.
  • Measurements:An illustrative view of the size of the different spaces within the property.

The all-in-one shareable URL link is based on a virtual tour created with iStaging’s easy-to-use virtual tour platform, the VR Maker.

Now that agents can easily create a virtual tour and show a side-by-side 3D staged comparison of the potential of the property, iStaging establishes itself once again as the one-stop solution for real estate businesses to capture, create, and enable their clients to visualize properties virtually before selecting the ones to visit in person.

Pricing & Availability

AI-Revamp is immediately available globally with special pricing starting at US$105 for an all-inclusive URL link. Start creating virtual tours at just US$5/month and enhance your tour with 3D staging today!

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