What is a 720° panorama?

It is a wide-angle, vertical and horizontal shot that takes the viewer as close as possible to the actual space without actually being there. More than just 360°, virtual reality is the most immersive viewing experience available. Show it on your website and allow viewers to engage more with the exhibited space. They are more likely to show interest once they have engaged and learned more details about your space. Bottom line for you: better visual presentation can convert online traffic into offline visitors/qualified leads.

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Enhance the Viewing experience

Connect people, objects and spaces. Make the virtual experience more realistic.

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Easy integration into your website

Allow potential clients to engage and learn more about your space virtually.

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Instant sharing

Share the link with potential clients. Entice them to visit in person.


Cross-device experience anywhere, anytime

Share a panorama instantly with clients

VR glasses

Supports VR glasses

The most immersive experience available.

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Supports Google Steet View

Free exposure on Google-related websites.

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Add tags to enhance engagement

Add discount information in virtual reality and increase engagement with clients.

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Real-time online guided tours

Walk clients through the space, all done virtually.

Why iStaging’s 720-degree panorama shooting service?

iStaging Other Google Street View shooting companies
Show panoramas
Move with hotspots
Integrate with Google Street View
Online guided tours in real-time
Supports 720-degree aerial photography