Virtual Tour is more than what you think!
Top 10 Industries that must use virtual tours.

There are many possibilities for virtual tours, more and more industries are gradually embracing this new trend especially after the pandemic. We listed out the top 10 used scenarios to show the different possibilities which might even inspire you to create one for your industry.

#10. Campus

What’s a better way of showcasing a campus than using a virtual tour? Students and parents are interested in seeing the campus when making decisions. For studying abroad, flying over to visit a campus is less likely, so a lot of the students are attending education exhibitions, where different schools introduce and promote themselves. However, with the pandemic, not only it’s harder fo r exhibitors to fly in, it also affects the number of people visiting. So what if schools showcase their campus virtually?

#9. Construction

Construction work is a progressive process and virtual tours can be used to inspect the progress. AR can also help to record construction details in order to better manage the future maintenance work such as the material and date of the line pipe.

Construction work is a progressive process and virtual tours can be used to inspect the

#8. Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars etc)

From lobby to different room types, within the virtual tour, descriptions and seasonal offers can be included in the virtual tour. Visitors can walk through your hotel while getting all the related information at the same time.

#7. Retail

Retail industry is easily affected by external factors, the rise of e-commerce, the unexpected pandemic, forcing businesses to react fast in order to survive. Creating a virtual tour of the store or going virtual with a 360 rendered booth allow customers to shop as if they were in store while staying at home.

#6. B2B Services: Photographers, Marketing Agencies

Many photographers and marketing agencies have now included virtual tours in their service lists, recommending their clients to include tours on their websites. Many businesses are not familiar with virtual tours, but they are willing to try it out after they get introduced to it, especially after the pandemic, they do see the value and have received positive feedback from it.

#5. Automotive

Who says virtual tours are only for large spaces? A tour of the car interior can also elevate the customer engagement by, showcasing the details of each part. And without the limit of physical space, potential buyers can browse through as many models as they like.

#4. Attractions and Tourism

From landmarks to souvenir shops, tourism offices use virtual tours to raise the interest of potential tourists.

#3. Art, galleries and museums

Virtual art galleries keep your artistic side going, despite the lockdown! Audio guides, description tags or linking to the artists’ page can all be done within the tour.

#2. Real Estate

Virtual tour is nothing new in the real estate industry, potential buyers can learn a lot about the property from the tour, which increases the efficiency of both the buyer and seller.

#1. Exhibitions, events and tradeshows

Virtual expo has gradually become the new normal in the pandemic. From trade shows to education expo, exhibitors can have their virtual booth to showcase their products or campus and visitors can contact exhibitors directly by using one on one call feature. Organizers also can hold panel discussions and conferences within the virtual exhibition.