What are the real estate agent misconceptions about virtual tours and why every company needs virtual tours.

Real estate agents used to say “Why do I need a virtual tour?” or “It seems cool, but I don’t have the time to capture a virtual tour”.

Things have changed and the importance of having a virtual tour has been proven. The virtual tour has been the business-saver for many companies during the pandemic as it was the only way that a company could showcase its premises and let people experience what the reality used to be. Real estate companies, museums are among the many who are thankful for adopting virtual tours early enough. According to Market Watch , “Residential real estate has performed surprisingly well over the lastyear (2020)”.

So, why does every company need a virtual tour?

The virtual tour as a tool has been developed through the years and is not considered a 360 picture of a property anymore. The virtual tour is established as a powerful solution for:

  • Increasing the lead generation channels.
  • Expanding your audience to non-local potential buyers, who are interested in either moving to the area or investing.
  • Proving to the seller of the property that you truly care and take your job seriously by establishing different outreach channels. Leaflets don’t work anymore.
  • Qualifying serious buyers that are truly interested in the property.
  • Engaging with visitors and eventually closing the deal.
Interact with your clients virtually using a virtual tour Interact with your clients virtually using a virtual tour

As a company that offers virtual tour solutions since 2014, we have talked about virtual tours with a tremendous amount of people through the years. Everytime, it feels like a dejavu as we need to break through the same market misconceptions and myths about virtual tours. Here’s some misconceptions/hesitations of virtual tours:

  • “I need special equipment.” Not the case. A smartphone capturing solution is available.
  • “Requires a lot of time for capturing the virtual tour.” It doesn’t require more than a couple of seconds per click. Let’s say 15 minutes for a 2 floor property. But if you want to digitize all the premises of Heathrow airport, expect it to take you more time.
  • “The hosting and maintenance are very expensive.” Our solutions are cloud-based and start from $5 per month, the same price as a stardollar frappuccino. You deserve a treat! How about your business?
  • “I am not tech savvy, I won’t be able to capture and edit.” No worries, we offer a step-by-step guide to help you get started, biweekly webinars or even a video call with a specialist to get you started!

After breaking through those myths, everyone can finally see the value of virtual tours and how helpful they are for their company.

Many of our clients, especially real estate agents, leverage on virtual tours and sell properties through that. As crazy as it sounds, it’s happening and will continue to happen! The virtual tour enables you to add different types of information (images, videos, download pdfs), collect emails and phone numbers of potential buyers, host VIP calls with prospects, allow viewing bookings and so many other benefits that can help your company to grow.

Interested in trying out? Jump to our pricing page and get an account for $5. Mention that you read this blog post and get a free promotional video of your first property too! Value is guaranteed!