In this interview you’ll meet Felix Chang, General Manager at Digitas Taiwan. We spoke to Felix about how his digital marketing agency uses iStaging to revolutionize his client’s businesses.

Felix Chang, General Manager at Digitas Taiwan

Hi Felix! Let’s start at the beginning. When did you decide to look into virtual showroom technologies and how did iStaging come into the picture?

A few years ago, I saw a very perceptive quote: it’s easy to buy with eCommerce, but it’s hard to shop. It’s easy to shop in department stores, but the shopping experience is not that great. Therefore, I have been thinking about bringing the offline shopping experience to the digital world. iStaging’s service was the most suitable one that I found.

What was the first project with iStaging’s platform and what was your experience like?

Our first project was for a beauty brand's charity campaign. As it was in 2020 and all physical events were canceled due to the pandemic, we approached iStaging to give our online campaign a relatively realistic, physical, and offline experience. Due to the sudden cancellation of an offline fundraising event, the plan for the entire virtual fundraising exhibition was rushed. We are very thankful that we could set up the online exhibition with iStaging in such a short time, so that the charity could continue as scheduled. This collaboration won us a bronze medal in the China Region’s Campaign Digital Marketing Awards, and opened the door for our future collaboration with iStaging.

What have you been able to achieve since using our platform?

The promotion of flagship mobile phones used to be held through large offline launch events to attract consumers' attention. However, in order to create the same experience to 3C customers during the pandemic, we have duplicated the offline flagship store to digital presence together with iStaging. We have not only promoted the flagship newest mobile phones, but also showcased a series of other products in the virtual showroom. This approach helped the brands achieve 200% of ROA’s and improved performance both in average time on page and bounce rate, proving that the concept of virtual shopping is able to boost product sales and achieve upselling.

What kind of feedback have you received from your clients?

This is the third year that the beauty brand holds the online charity event (the first one was hosted in 2020). The virtual event has been optimized year over year. The project of 3C products has also been deployed from the initial short-term one-month program to a six-month partnership after seeing the results. To sum up, these actions from customers reflected the satisfaction towards our collaboration.

You have recently won various awards for the usage of iStaging’s virtual showroom platform. Can you share what these achievements mean to you and your company?

After receiving the DMA award in the China area for our 2020 charity partnership, we also received the Smarties APAC award from the Asia Pacific Region’s Mobile Marketing Association in 2021 and 2022. This award emphasizes the implementation of digital technologies on mobile devices, allowing people to eliminate the misunderstanding of the requirements of high-performance hardwares.

We also won the Gold Award from Festival of Media APAC for Social Marketing in the Asia Pacific Region and the Campaign DMA Best eCommerce Award in the China Region in 2022. The Best eCommerce award in the China Region broke the perception that China holds the leading technology in the eCommerce industry, allowing Taiwanese technology to impress the judges as well.

Digitas, winner of the Best Use of Digital Media-Social Media at the Festival of Media Awards, together with Samsung Electronics.

How do you see the future of virtual solutions in the industry?

Virtual worlds have gradually become a hot topic now. We can see that there is still a lot of room to grow in technologies of virtual solutions.

I would say that cross-device usage will be key for marketing strategy in the future. The simulation of the offline experience into the online world is also key for virtualization. In the post-pandemic era, we can't just talk about O2O or OMO, and forget that offline activities will continually take place together with online events. In this way, those customers who don't like crowded spaces can also experience a unique atmosphere online and interact with others at the same time.

What's the #1 need that virtual solutions fulfill for digital agencies?

In terms of benefits, all the marketing technologies can easily be built into it as it’s a digital space. By breaking the regional limitations of the physical world, we have the opportunity to digitize the offline experience and make it available to people all over the world.

How is the collaboration with iStaging? What do you think about the iStaging service and the support of the team?

In addition to supporting Taiwan’s start-up team, I love the fact that we can collaborate on future development of the iStaging platform. You really take your client’s thoughts and ideas into consideration. We truly appreciate that!

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