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As every VR evangelist will tell you, 2016 was the Year of VR. Being a technophile myself, I can’t wait to see how virtual reality will impact my life even more! One second you’re in the Himalayas covered with snow, awestruck by the power of nature. The next moment you’re under the sun checking out the Sphinx in Egypt. And you can even relive Linkin Park’s concert and scream with Chester before you start watching Curry making a 3-point shoot from the side court ! All these experiences are easily accessible with VR. It unshackles you from the limitations of time and space and allows you to not miss a thing even when you’re chilling out on your sofa.

When you see what VR can bring to your life, you’ll also be tempted to create your very own 360 Virtual Tour. There are a bunch of 360 cameras on the market nowadays so they’re not only for professional photographers anymore. From single to 16 lenses, you can combine multiple DSLRs to capture at the same time. You can easily capture the view right in front of you with just a simple click of the Ricoh Theta S, for example, so it’s suitable for beginners. There’s also the Insta 360 Air and the Giroptic iO, both small and very convenient with acceptable prices and quality (USD129–249). If you’re aiming for better quality, then look into some of the high-end cameras such as the Bublcam and Panono which have resolutions of up to 16K (USD799–1,999).

The good news is that there’s a simple way to hack a VR Virtual Tour without using fancy cameras! With a 720-degree lens, you can turn your smartphone into a high-quality virtual reality camera with iStaging’s VR Maker, a virtual tour creator app. For the perfectionists, there’s the rotator, which stabilizes your smartphone and decreases your center of rotation and guarantees top-notch panoramas with no stitching errors even on close-range objects. Also, it’s super easy to share on social media or just embed it on your own website. Click on VR mode and watch it through VR Glasses or Google cardboard for a more immersive experience.

Chez Nous Hotel Virtual Tour ( Captured by iPhone 7 Plus +Rotator) Chez Nous Hotel Virtual Tour ( Captured by iPhone 7 Plus +Rotator)

VR Maker is undoubtedly the best solution to create high-quality Virtual Tours with a limited budget. You can digitize your travel history, capture properties to showcase or to rent it out on Airbnb. Try the VR Cam app now and start creating your very own first LiveTour to see how VR can change your life!