2020…a year that none will ever forget... Social distancing, social events postponed, businesses suspended. The pandemic pushed us to recreate the way we do business and interact.

On a positive note, we have technology. Technology has been proven a valuable tool to use during the difficult times: Zoom for hosting live meetings, Slack for cheat chats (as water cooler chat isn’t feasible), food delivery services to spark joy.

What’s coming in 2021?

Virtual tours and iStaging have proven their value in the business visualization too. Our cost-effective plans support businesses daily, our smartphone capturing solution attracted a big audience and the floor plan service appeared as a business saviour for many real estate agents.
The pandemic helped us to dig deeper in the retail world, as the visualization of products for retailers became crucial.
Supporting further our clients and catching up with the market needs, we have launched a new product “Virtual Expo”.

Wiser and stronger than ever we are stepping into a new year with optimism about the future of VR and virtual tours. Here’re some of the technologies, which will have in store for 2021:


AI Deco is our response to virtual staging, including different versions of the property (unfurnished property and staged), measurements, dollhouse and floor plan. All in one.

A great solution for construction companies and real estate professionals, who are unable to travel to the property.

Live Conference Solution

Live Conference is a solution for any business that needs to host a virtual conference/meeting/gathering within their virtual tour. It’s a live streaming service that enables you to interact with your attendees. Features such as screen sharing, multiple presenters and chat are available. Live Conference can be used by event organizers for live shows/demos or real estate professionals for hosting open houses.

Live Conference tool will be officially launched in January 2021 Live Conference tool will be officially launched in January 2021

Meeting Reservation (Calendar Management)

Busy schedule? Meeting Reservation feature will become your best friend. Virtual tour visitors can book their preferred time with you. Guess what? You can choose to accept or reject booking request, choose availability/working hours or send e-meeting room and details.

Meeting Reservation (Calendar Management)

Story telling tool (“Influencer Pilot”)

The Influencer Pilot is a versatile product that works as an auto narrator for the tour. A handy tool for real estate agents to auto-guide clients through the property or event organizers to showcase their virtual exhibition.

Influencer Pilot will be officially launched in January 2021 Influencer Pilot will be officially launched in January 2021

VR Lounge & Chat

VR Lounge is a breakthrough in the virtual events software industry. Built to help people connect virtually in an event, exchange information and chat privately.

Watch our iStaging Talk for more information about 2021 features.

Please note that the exact launch date of the above technologies is not determined.

If you’re interested in any of the features above, please contact us for a demo or check our website for more information.