A 5-step guide to get you started

Are you interested in virtual tours?
Do you like the idea of building your own business?
Would you like recurring commissions, while you’re helping iStaging to grow locally?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES! Then, you are at the right place!

Virtual tours have become the norm and established as one of the most important communication and visualization tools of today.
Virtual tours help companies and professionals to grow their business and efficiency. In situations that social distancing is highly recommended, technologies such as VR are thriving. Our quest is to show the virtual tours to every pair of eyes. Having at least one affiliate in every city of the world, will help us to achieve our vision.
Becoming a successful iStaging affiliate requires dedication, 5 star customer service attitude and passion for virtual tours.

Your benefits as an \'Affiliate\' Your benefits as an "Affiliate"

#1 Apply first

Application comes first. The application of iStaging affiliate program is online and is open to everyone. Before finalizing your application, you will be able to have a look at our agreement terms and benefits. With that being said, you can become an affiliate in less than a minute. However, becoming a successful affiliate, who generates a fixed income, will take time, dedication and passion.
Click here to apply for iStaging affiliate program.

#2 Gather the material

After we receive your application, iStaging will provide a landing page/affiliate link. Your users should use the landing page to sign up for any of the available plans and get started. Besides the landing page, you will also receive a tracking sheet to monitor your sales (subscriptions, add-ons, etc). Marketing materials, user manual and other content will also be provided. Having an iStaging subscription is not mandatory, but highly recommended as you will need to understand the way it works, but also be able to support your clients.

#3 Freshen up your connections

Go through your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, LinkedIn or personal connections. Any connections to companies will be also a good way to kick-off.

#4 Identify your industry

After gathering all your connections, it will be useful to categorize them in different industries. Virtual tours are quite popular in real estate, automotive, retail, events, restaurants/bars/shops, factories or anything else that virtual tours can be useful. Click here to see the use of virtual tours in different industries, perhaps you will get inspired. Virtual tours go beyond the capturing space tool. It can be used for training purposes, communication tool (TourRing), event hosting, virtual manual and so on.
Tip: It’s highly recommended to start with just one industry at first. It’s easier to manage and will help raise awareness faster. Make sure you like the industry you’re focusing on. It’s always more fun!

#5 Go out there

Procrastination is the enemy of success. In order to generate commissions, you will need to build your clientele and have your loyal customers. Are you active on social media? Post about virtual tours.
Do you have a lot of personal connections? Talk about virtual tours.
Are you working in a company? Suggest virtual tours.

In the beginning, you will need to work with what you have.
In case you need further directions and motivation to keep you going or a better understanding of your market, we got your covered. iStaging offers a training course to get you started and teach you everything about the market, our solutions and how to sell them.

Apply today for iStaging affiliate program: Sign up as an affiliate here or contact us if you have any questions.