The power of virtual tours helps real estate agents in New Zealand to sell properties in 40 days.

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New Zealand is a fascinating country with breathtaking sceneries, but this is not the only thing New Zealand is known for. The island of the Pacific Ocean with a population of 5 million has one of the world’s hottest real estate markets as described by The Wall Street Journal.

Let’s take it from the beginning.

The BIGGEST challenge for the real estate agents
When the pandemic began, physical property viewings were postponed. In the selling process of a property, the physical viewing is one of the most crucial stages to help build rapport and speed up the sales cycle. So, the replacement of physical viewings with virtual sessions was a test for the real estate agents and the real estate market worldwide.

The real estate market is a relatively conservative market in which a majority of agents focus on the more traditional promotional techniques. Resisting to change and technology does not only keep you behind the competition but will decrease the sales too. According to TradeMe’s article “What to look for when choosing a real estate agent”, property sellers should ask real estate agents how they will digitally promote their property (including social media, virtual tours, advertising etc) before they make any decision.

How to pivot
Let’s dig into the data. In 2019, only 3.2% of all listings on featured a virtual tour. Wait for it…. in 2021, that percentage jumped to 11%. The pandemic forced the real estate agents to look into more technologically advanced methods to sell their listings and it seems to work.

The average time on the market for a listing with a virtual tour decreased from 77 days (2019) to only 40 (2021)! In 2019, the average time on the market for a listing with and without a virtual tour differs by 1 whole week in 2019 and 14 days in 2020 making listings with virtual tours more attractive to buyers.

Data featuring the virtual tour usage of New Zealand’s real estate agents

Looking to the future
The most exciting news is that the real estate agents of New Zealand have already started using and experiencing the value of virtual tours and implementing them for their property promotion or tracking purposes in the property management department. The practice of virtual tours in New Zealand is a good example for all the agents worldwide.

Ray White’s real estate agents discussing how iStaging’s team and virtual tours helped them close deals faster

The usage of digital property promotion such as social media and virtual tours have started increasing and becoming the norm. The percentage of the properties featuring an iStaging virtual tour was 20% in 2020 and 25% in 2021. The increasing percentage shows how technologically advanced the real estate agents of New Zealand are!

The pioneering real estate company Tall Poppy wants to change real estate marketing forever by offering a variety of marketing services to clients including Google advertising, virtual tours and 3D floor plans.

The virtual open house tool, “book a viewing” calendar, agent introduction, floor plan, and property information are few of the functions that a real estate agent can add in the virtual tour to attract and engage with even more potential buyers.

Creating a virtual tour for the property, hosting virtual open houses and auctions, or even purchasing floor plans online for a reasonable price couldn’t be easier. Becoming more technologically resilient will set you apart from competitors, help you to gain the seller and buyer’s trust and seal the deal faster.

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