More and more industries are now shifting their exhibitions online or combining both virtual and physical expos in order to maximize the exhibition value. Here’s 7 ways on how to level up your virtual exhibition:

#1 Entrance hall

The entrance hall is the first scene that visitors see, so the feeling and information shown need to be well-thought out to better attract visitors to continue exploring. It is also a good space to display sponsored content or expo information.

#2 Exhibitor Wall - The Wall of Fame

Unlike in physical exhibitions where the exhibitor wall is just a list on the board, we can do much more in the virtual expo! Insert a link to each board either to the exhibitor’s website or directly to their booths. It brings more value to the exhibitors and also works as a navigation for the visitors.

Exhibitor Wall - The Wall of Fame

#3 Booth - Think outside the box!

The booth is where the exhibitors shine, it’s not just about showcasing products and information but also be as engaging and informative as possible. Addings description, file downloads, links and videos to help visitors see how attractive your products are. Don’t forget your call to action either guiding visitors to a check-out link or asking for the contact information, like in a physical exhibition or trade show.

#4 Virtual and Real under the same (virtual) venue

Feel like bringing the physical expo design online? Why not combine both! Online visitors can experience and enjoy the expo as much even if they can’t be there onsite.

#5 Conference, Guest Speakers and all that Jazz

Conference plays an important role in many expos, with the virtual conference feature, no need to direct attendees out of the exhibition, meeting up to 2,000 people can be done within the virtual exhibition. Create a schedule of talks and invite guest speakers to spice up your event!

#5 Conference, Guest Speakers and all that Jazz

#6 Registration and Ticketing

Wondering how the physical ticketing and registration can go virtual? Easy as connecting your check out link. Add the check-out link to your favourite shopping cart provider and start selling virtual tickets to your conference or other virtual activities. If you would like to host a free event but you would like to see who is attending for retention purposes, try out to add a registration form.

#7 Buyer - Exhibitor Matchmaking

Interested in attracting more visitors to your event? Include the 1-to-1 or 1-to-many guided tour in your exhibition and build the communication bridge between visitor and exhibitors. Allow visitors to pick their available dates and time through the calendar feature and let them experience the brand and buyer experience with just one click.

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