Taipei, Taiwan, March 6th, 2019 The integration of iStaging VR Maker app and Insta360 ONE X camera makes creating VR content more effective than ever before. Everyday, more and more professionals are turning to creating virtual tour content to boost consumer engagement and improve communications efficiency. However, many of these professionals are not that tech-savvy when it comes to generating their own virtual tours.

For industries that require high-resolution panoramas, such as photography, architecture and the arts, a panoramic camera is an essential tool. VR Maker, iStaging’s virtual tour creator app, supports most 720-degree spherical panoramas taken using panoramic cameras on the market today. Users can use whatever camera they are familiar with to produce VR content, then upload to VR Maker for editing and cloud-based sharing. Once the iStaging-Insta360 SDK integration is completed, users will have the ability to shoot a full high-resolution panorama in just a second. This will simplify the shooting process significantly and provide yet more choices for VR content generation.

To provide VR users with more choices to produce virtual tour content, iStaging already offers popular 360-degree cameras such as the Richo Theta and Panono to its customers, as well as a smartphone-mounted fisheye lens and rotator. iStaging's partnership with renowned camera brand Insta360 is a further step in that direction. The integration of its VR Maker app with the Insta360 ONE X makes creating virtual content one continuous process.

Both VR Maker and Insta360 ONE X users benefit from this integration. Users can now control their Insta360 ONE X remotely via the VR Maker app and shoot a 720-degree panorama with just one click. Editing VR content and uploading it onto iStaging's cloud platform to share with clients or to Google Street View is a cinch. The software and hardware leverage off each other to significantly increase the efficiency of VR content creation. For users who already own Insta360 or other 360-degree cameras, VR Maker provides them with a more seamless experience.

iStaging offers VR/AR tools and solutions to assist real estate agents in expanding their reach to a wider audience. With virtual tours, potential buyers get to experience a realistic walk-through of a property. Moreover, with iStaging’s other app, TourRing, the agent can virtually guide clients step by step through a property in real time, including adding live annotations, further enhancing the efficiency and experience of viewing properties.

The iStaging-Insta360 partnership is geared to attract yet more VR content makers in diverse industries, ranging from the arts, events management, travel and videography, who require high-quality image resolution capabilities to produce rich and captivating VR content.

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