Taipei, Taiwan — January 10, 2021

The most influential tech event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), has gone all virtual this year. With the global pandemic hindering many events and businesses, technology offers a solution that takes exhibitions to the next level. Starting on January 11th, approximately 1,000 exhibitors will showcase all aspects of the tech industry.

Virtual Exhibitions — The New Normal

Taiwan’s government, represented by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), has been supportive of local startups, encouraging them to present their technologies at CES over the past few years. Through an all-digital format this year, TTA has brought together 100 local startups to present their innovations in a virtual pavilion.
The technology is supported by iStaging, a leading AI-driven VR/AR content creation platform. Each exhibitor has its own virtual booth which they can edit and self-manage to introduce their companies and products in various multimedia formats. This offers an immersive space for visitors to easily explore on their own devices from anywhere and, most importantly, to interact with exhibitors at the booth.

Virtual Exhibition - The New Normal

A Rich, Interactive Experience

Within the Taiwan Pavilion, each exhibitor can showcase with limitless possibilities — for example, using videos and links to brochures — and provide a more diverse visualization experience. As a pilot feature, a pre-recorded introduction by each company guides visitors through the booth and gives a clear overview of the exhibitor. There is the option to contact exhibitors directly within the booth to further explore business opportunities. Live streaming with multiple participants tuning in to the virtual show can also be enabled by simply clicking on the embedded feature on iStaging’s platform.

All-in-One Pavilion

The 100 startups represent five sectors: Smart Living, Tech for Good, Cybersecurity & Cloud Solution, Healthcare & Wellness, and Mobility Tech. From hosting exhibitions to press conferences and demos, iStaging’s platform enables diverse companies to showcase their products and services in one integrated virtual pavilion rather than having visitors meander through a maze of websites.

All-in-One Pavilion

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