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Over 100,000 paying customers share the same belief as us
The real estate industry, luxury retail, cultural tourism, and manufacturing exhibitions have collectively published over 100,000 paid customers on the iStaging digital content creation platform, totaling over 1 million virtual spaces. Together, they and we believe that the visual experience of digital twins will be a crucial support for business operations. With 100,000 creators and 1 million virtual spaces, it's the best testament to the usability of iStaging solutions.
Solution iteration updates, dedicated to helping the entire industry embrace the power of the metaverse
iStaging, as a technology hardcore company, has never ceased to strive to meet the needs of various industries in the WEB3.0 era with technology. From the beginning, it positioned itself in the field of digital twins, supporting users to shoot and edit physical spaces into virtual reality without the need for programming, solely relying on their smartphones. Over the years, based on digital twins, various applications have been developed to provide more application scenarios for digital twins. Today, digital twins on the iStaging platform are the content for real estate virtual house viewing, the platform for high-end online virtual boutique e-commerce websites, the platform for high-end hotel virtual automatic navigation, and the scenario for overseas customer guided tours of manufacturing plants. We continue to introduce new applications to make digital twins more vibrant.
The testimony of 100,000 users attests to the stability of iStaging, while the longstanding collaboration with Fortune 500 companies affirms the technical prowess and security of iStaging.
Over the past 8 years, iStaging has supported over 100,000 customers in creating a million virtual spaces on the platform, which is a testament to its stability and user-friendliness. Long-standing collaborations with world-renowned brands such as BNP Paribas, LVMH Group, and ASUS Group demonstrate iStaging's technical capabilities, information security strength, and reliable service quality. These endorsements from global leading brands not only affirm iStaging's position but also instill trust among more small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Customers first
We thrive through happy customers, and we do our best to match their expectations to the fullest extent. We're a diverse tribe of engineers, designers and business managers driven to deliver exceptional customer service at all levels. Our corporate, product, and promotional strategies are informed by data for the purpose of providing our customers with improved services. And we do so with integrity — what we do at work and outside of work reflects on our collective reputation and well-being.
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The power of visualization
At iStaging, we craft immersive product visualization experiences that help people transcend time and space. By enabling them to interact with distant places or objects as if they were there in person, we facilitate new ideas and experiential journeys that lend themselves to delightful discoveries. To us, augmented, virtual, and mixed realities are not just technologies, but bridges between people, objects, and spaces. By connecting the world through enhanced visualization, we help people see and feel better about what matters to them.
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Hardcore tech at heart
Technology should serve people's daily lives. We leverage technology so that professionals can access a wider target audience while enhancing the efficiency and value of their work; equally, consumers can better visualize products and services, leading to a superior purchasing experience. Technology should neither be intrusive nor obtrusive. By means of technology so simple that it is almost invisible, we create products that have the best user experience and can be enjoyed with minimal learning effort.
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